More About Kevin Nicholson

In the primary race for U.S. Senate, all Wisconsin Republicans should know:

First, Kevin Nicholson is a former combat Marine and conservative outsider who will take on the status quo establishment in both parties in order to help advance President Trump’s agenda.

Next, Kevin Nicholson is a former combat Marine and a strict constitutionalist and committed conservative like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee who have endorsed him. Kevin will go to the U.S. Senate and help President Trump advance his Supreme Court Justices nominations. When people think about the type of Supreme Court nominees that Kevin will support, they should remember Mike Lee’s statement that Kevin “defended our Constitution on foreign soil, and he’ll continue that fight in Washington.” They should further remember that Ted Cruz has said, “Overseas, Kevin fought to protect innocent life; today, he’s pro-life and a defender of those innocent lives back home.”

Last, as a former combat Marine, Kevin Nicholson knows it will take more than typical talk from career politicians to finally secure our borders and stop the epidemic of illegal immigration. As a political outsider, he fully supports building both a physical wall, and increasing our security presence on the border to keep our country safe.

Send in the Marine.

Send in the Marine. Take back Washington.