Marine. Outsider. Conservative.

Kevin Nicholson is a husband, father of three, businessman, and highly decorated combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Born and raised in Wisconsin, he and his family now live in Delafield.

As a Marine Corps officer, Kevin served combat tours in both Iraq (2007) and Afghanistan (2008-2009). He was awarded the Bronze Star for his leadership of a counter-improvised explosive device (IED) team in Afghanistan. Despite being far from home, Kevin tried to find a way to watch the Packers as often as possible.

After graduating from college – where he met his wife, Jessie – Kevin joined the Marines, and was commissioned as an officer in 2004. He served as a Combat Engineer aboard Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

The day after his first child was born, President George W. Bush delivered an address to the nation, announcing the “troop surge” in Iraq – an event that impacted thousands of families like Kevin’s. Just weeks after his son’s birth, Kevin’s platoon left for pre-deployment training, and then deployment to Al Anbar province, Iraq. He then returned and served as a company commander stateside until his next deployment.

Kevin later volunteered for a deployment as part of a multi-force counter-IED team in Afghanistan, where he led a quick reaction force of Marines, soldiers, airmen, sailors, and civilian contractors in the fight against enemy IED cells.

After this deployment, his commanding officer cited him his as “the best counter-Improvised Explosive Device team leader in Afghanistan.”

Following his service in the military, Kevin learned there is perhaps no greater cultural chasm in the world than between the Marines in Afghanistan and the academics at Harvard. Kevin earned Masters degrees in Public Administration and Business Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Dartmouth Tuck School of Business.

Kevin’s graduate studies further solidified his view that America’s out of control debt intrinsically creates foreign policy dangers. As a Marine, he saw first-hand the destruction caused by radical Islamism in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Kevin believes that we won’t be able to continue to fight this threat — or any others — if our nation keeps borrowing its way to insolvency.  A nearly $20 trillion national debt, compounding each day, is the greatest threat to our nation’s security.

Today, Kevin works as an adviser to companies, helping them to solve their toughest strategic and operational problems, while also helping them to grow and put more Americans to work.

Now Kevin is campaigning to represent Wisconsin in the United States Senate for the same reasons he joined the Marines while America was at war. Our nation’s financial, economic, and national security problems are large – and growing exponentially. Kevin and his family believe now is the time for a conservative outsider with real world experience to step up and provide solutions.

Kevin is not a politician, but the sum total of his experiences in the Marine Corps, in combat, and in business have made him a strong advocate for conservative principles. He looks forward to bringing his wide-ranging experience to bear in solving our nation’s toughest problems with common sense solutions.

Send in the Marine. Take back Washington.