taxes & spending

Kevin knows we can’t tax, spend, or borrow our way to prosperity. The federal government’s debt and deficit is immoral – and our tax code is unfair and uncompetitive. Worst of all, our reckless fiscal policies are crushing job creation.

Kevin will rein in wasteful spending to cut our deficit, reform entitlements to reduce our debt, and overhaul taxes and regulations to unleash economic growth. To start, Kevin knows we should give more power back to the states, deploy more market-based reforms, and ensure that the federal government operates with a balanced budget. And on taxes, Kevin knows the tax code needs to be fairer, flatter, and lower for job creators, capital investors, and families.


National Security

As a decorated Marine who served in combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Kevin knows what it takes to keep America safe. In the United States Senate, Kevin will work to take on radical Islamic terrorism and defeat ISIS.

Kevin will strengthen our military, make sure we don’t allow foreign actors to cross red lines, and support our troops – both when they’re serving abroad and after they come home.

Furthermore, Kevin wholeheartedly agrees that the greatest threat to our national security is our fast-growing national debt. Our nation must be able to pay its bills in order to keep its citizens safe.


wisconsin values

Kevin risked his life to protect our Wisconsin values. He is pro-life and a defender of the 2nd Amendment.

Kevin and his wife welcomed the first of their three children the same day President George W. Bush announced the “troop surge” in Iraq. He deployed soon after to Al Anbar province. In both Iraq and Afghanistan, Kevin saw innocent lives lost. Kevin values life because he knows firsthand how precious it is.

As a Marine veteran and a gun owner, Kevin strongly supports the 2nd Amendment. Kevin will protect the rights of Wisconsin citizens to own and carry firearms.

Send in the Marine. Take back Washington.